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Academic publications

Valentina Vellani, Sarah Zheng, Dilay Ercelik and Tali Sharot. 2023. The illusory truth effect leads to the spread of misinformation. Cognition.

Sarah Zheng and Ingolf Becker. 2022. Presenting suspicious details in User-Facing e-mail headers does not improve phishing detection. In Eighteenth Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security.

Sarah Zheng, Liron Rozenkrantz and Tali Sharot. In review. Why humans are bad at detecting lies.

I have also served as reviewer for top-tier conferences on human factors in computing (CHI) and usable security and privacy (SOUPS).


On 1 December 2022 I was part of a panel discussion on AI visibility at the Data Science Festival in London:

IBM blog 2019 "How to turn the right mental knobs to change the way people (want to) work"

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