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Academic publications

Sarah Zheng, Liron Rozenkrantz and Tali Sharot. 2024. Poor lie detection related to under-reliance on statistics and overreliance on own behaviour. Communications Psychology.

Sarah Zheng. 2024. Online scam detection using human psychology: Toward usable cybersecurity. Access via ProQuest.

Sarah Zheng and Ingolf Becker. 2023. Phishing to improve detection. In The European Symposium on Usable Security.

Sarah Zheng and Ingolf Becker. 2023. Checking, nudging or scoring? Evaluating e-mail user security tools. In Nineteenth Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security.

Valentina Vellani, Sarah Zheng, Dilay Ercelik and Tali Sharot. 2023. The illusory truth effect leads to the spread of misinformation. Cognition.

Sarah Zheng and Ingolf Becker. 2022. Presenting suspicious details in User-Facing e-mail headers does not improve phishing detection. In Eighteenth Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security.

I have regularly reviewed papers for academic conferences on human factors in computing (CHI) and usable security and privacy (SOUPS, EuroUSEC), the Journal of Cybersecurity and IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems & Rehabilitation Engineering.


29 January 2024 - Cybersecurity Research group, King's College London, London, UK

17 October 2023 - European Symposium on Usable Security, Copenhagen, Denmark

16 October 2023 - Cybersecurity Education and Research Conference (CERC), Kuwait University, Kuwait

7 August 2023 - Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security, Anaheim CA, US

28 June 2023 - Messed Up! podcast on navigating imposter syndrome


24 May 2023 - J.P.Morgan & Chase Safety Seminars (internal), London, UK

1 December 2022 - Panelist on AI visibility at the Data Science Festival, London, UK



8 August 2022 - Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security, Boston MA, US


I have received the following competitive scholarships and grants to pursue my academic studies:

2023     SOUPS Student Grant to attend SOUPS'23 in person

2020     UCL Dawes Centre for Future Crime full PhD scholarship

2016      VSBFonds international masters scholarship

2016     Fundatie voor de Vrijvrouwe van Renswoude international masters scholarship

2016     Mullerfonds international masters scholarship

2015      Thomas More Foundation excelling students scholarship


IBM blog 2019 "How to turn the right mental knobs to change the way people (want to) work"

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