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Sarah Ying Zheng

User (security) interface design. Data scientist. Pianist. Dutch. Budding entrepreneur. My PhD research sheds light on why people fall for online scams, and developed new user security tool and training paradigms to detect phishing attacks.


In my blog, I write about my views on social and technological developments. Connect with me via LinkedIn.

Recent blogs

2020 - now

University College London

PhD Security & Crime Sciences. Funded by the Dawes Centre for Future Crime. Supervised by Dr. Ingolf Becker and Prof. Tali Sharot.

2018 - 2020

IBM, Perseuss

Data Science & AI consulting. Developed 10+ AI/data science applications. Improved fraud detection model by 55% gain in precision.


J.P.Morgan & Chase

Research Scientist intern in the AI Research on Safety & Security.

2016 - 2017

University College London

MSc Neuroscience (with distinction). Researched anatomical relation to hearing deficiency. Supervised by Prof. Jennifer Linden.

2014, 2016

Nationale Nederlanden

Market research to develop new pension marketing strategy, using statistical modelling.

2012 - 2015

Tilburg University (NL)

BSc Psychology (cum laude). Researched brain activity (EEG) in relation to attention. Supervised by Dr. Geert van Boxtel.

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